Squid Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ActiveList<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
A generic list that provides events
Public class Button
A Button
Public class CheckBox
A CheckBox
Public class ColorInt
Utility class used to convert colors
Public class Control
The base class of all Controls
Public class ControlAnimation
Class that manages the coroutines of a control
Public class ControlCollection
A collection of controls. This class requires a parent Control.
Public class ControlStyle
A ControlStyle. This is a set of Styles. There is one Style per ControlState.
Public class ControlStyleCollection
A collection of ControlStyles
Public class Coroutine
This class managed to lifetime of a coroutine.
Public class Cursor
Represents the image that is displayed at the mouse position.
Public class Cursors
Standard cursor type strings. Note: You don't have to use these.
Public class Desktop
The root Control
Public class Dialog
A Dialog window
Public class DragDropEventArgs
Class DragDropEventArgs
Public class DropDownButton
A DropDownButton
Public class DropDownList
A DropDownList
Public class Easing
Utility class used to ease values
Public class ElementCollection
A collection of elements. This class requires a parent Control.
Public class Flipbook
Helper class to manage a sprite sheet animation.
Public class FlipbookCursor
A flibook based implementation of an animated Cursor.
Public class FlowLayoutFrame
A container that auto-layouts its children. Children must not be docked for this to work.
Public class Font
Helper class to represent a font. This class will eventually be obsolete. Do not use.
Public class FontAttribute
Used to indicate a member that is used as a font to external editors
Public class Frame
A Control container
Public class GuiHost
The is the main entry of Squid.
Public class HiddenAttribute
Used to indicate whether this object/member should be visible in external editors
Public class ImageControl
A control that show a texture
Public class IntColorAttribute
Used to indicate member that is used as a color to external editors
Public class KeyEventArgs
Class KeyEventArgs
Public class Label
A Label without selection. Supports multi- and singleline, textwrap and some bbcode tags.
Public class ListBox
A ListBox
Public class ListBoxItem
A ListBoxItem. Inherit this to create custom items.
Public class ListBoxItemCollection
A collection of ListBoxItems
Public class ListEventArgs<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Class ListEventArgs
Public class ListView
A multi-column ListView.
Public class ListView..::..Column
A Column in the ListView
Public class ListView..::..FormatCellEventArgs
Class FormatCellEventArgs
Public class ListView..::..FormatHeaderEventArgs
Class FormatHeaderEventArgs
Public class MarginConverter
Converts from String to Margin and vice versa.
Public class MouseEventArgs
Class MouseEventArgs
Public class MultilineAttribute
Used to indicate a multiline string to external editors
Public class NoRenderer
And empty implementation of the ISquidRenderer interface. This is the default value of GuiHost.Renderer.
Public class Panel
A container with scrollbars
Public class PointConverter
Converts from String to Point and vice versa.
Public class RadioButton
A RadioButton
Public class RectangleConverter
Converts from String to Rectangle and vice versa.
Public class RectanglePacker
Rectangle packer using an algorithm by Javier Arevalo
Public class Reflector
Helper class used for Reflection.
Public class Resizer
This control provides handles to resize its parent.
Public class ScrollBar
A ScrollBar.Can be used vertically and horizontally.
Public class SimpleTooltip
Simple text tooltip that fades in and out
Public class Skin
A Skin. This defines the look of all Controls.
Public class Slider
A Slider control. Also known as TrackBar.
Public class SplitContainer
A SplitContainer. Can be used horizontally and vertically. This is a Frame|Button|Frame combination. The Button resizes Frame1.
Public class SquidEventArgs
Class SquidEventArgs
Public class Style
Describes the visual appearance of a control
Public class StyleAttribute
Used to indicate a member that is used as a Style to external editor
Public class StyleCollection
A dictionary of ControlState/Style pairs
Public class TabButton
A TabButton
Public class TabControl
A TabControl
Public class TabPage
A TabPage
Public class TabPageCollection
A collection of TabPages
Public class TextArea
A multiline text input. Text does not scroll. (use a Panel).
Public class TextBox
A single-line text input. Text scrolls horizontally.
Public class TextElement
A TextElement. This class is used by the internal Text layout engine.
Public class TextLine
A TextLine. This class is used by the internal Text layout engine.
Public class TextureAttribute
Used to indicate a member that is used as a texture to external editors
Public class ToolboxAttribute
Used to indicate whether this object/member should be visible in external editors
Public class Tooltip
The Tooltip base class. Inherit this to create custom Tooltip controls.
Public class TreeNode
A TreeNode. Inherit this to create custom nodes.
Public class TreeNodeCollection
A collection of TreeNodes
Public class TreeNodeDropDown
A TreeNode using a DropDownButton and a Button to expand.
Public class TreeNodeLabel
A TreeNode using a Label and a Button to expand
Public class TreeView
A TreeView
Public class ValueRangeAttribute
Used to indicate a value range to external editors
Public class Window
A Window


  Structure Description
Public structure KeyData
Struct KeyData
Public structure Margin
Struct Margin
Public structure Point
Struct Point
Public structure Rectangle
Struct Rectangle


  Interface Description
Public interface ICheckable
Interface ICheckable
Public interface IControlContainer
Interface IControlContainer
Public interface IExpandable
Interface IExpandable
Public interface ISelectable
Interface ISelectable
Public interface ISquidRenderer
Interface ISquidRenderer


  Delegate Description
Public delegate CursorChangedEvent
Delegate CursorChangedEvent
Public delegate Dialog..::..DialogResultEventHandler
Delegate DialogResultEventHandler
Public delegate DragDropEvent
Delegate DragDropEvent
Public delegate EventWithArgs
Delegate EventWithArgs
Public delegate KeyEvent
Delegate KeyEvent
Public delegate Label..::..LinkClickedEventHandler
Delegate LinkClickedEventHandler
Public delegate ListView..::..CellFormatter
Delegate CellFormatter
Public delegate ListView..::..HeaderFormatter
Delegate HeaderFormatter
Public delegate MouseEvent
Delegate MouseEvent
Public delegate ResizeHandler
Delegate ResizeHandler
Public delegate SelectedItemChangedEventHandler
Delegate SelectedItemChangedEventHandler
Public delegate SelectedItemsChangedEventHandler
Delegate SelectedItemsChangedEventHandler
Public delegate SelectedNodeChangedEventHandler
Delegate SelectedNodeChangedEventHandler
Public delegate VoidEvent
Delegate VoidEvent


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration Alignment
Enum Alignment
Public enumeration AnchorStyles
Enum AnchorStyles
Public enumeration AutoSize
Enum AutoSize
Public enumeration ButtonState
Enum ButtonState
Public enumeration ControlState
Enum ControlState
Public enumeration Desktop..::..PickMode
Enum PickMode
Public enumeration DialogResult
Enum DialogResult
Public enumeration DockStyle
Enum DockStyle
Public enumeration DragMode
Enum DragMode
Public enumeration FlowDirection
Enum FlowDirection
Public enumeration Keys
Enum Keys
Public enumeration Orientation
Enum Orientation
Public enumeration TextBoxMode
Enum TextBoxMode
Public enumeration TextureMode
Enum TextureMode